This website kit allows time to design a
site without having to sign up immediately
with a host provider..

When YOU are
ready to upload your site, the detailed
pictorial will show you how..

Set up a "Mult-Page Website"..
a "Single Page Website Setup"..
Set up your own E-Commerce Site !!

Sell Music on Your Own Site.. !!

Here is a setup that I use for selling mp3's..
The Tutorial site will show you how to set this up.. and will save you the monthly fee of using a shopping cart application because you will use PayPal directly

The "Buy Now" button is an active link that will take you to PayPal
and after you get your download, it will return you back here:

No one is required to click on this "Buy Now" button.. But if you would like to see the functionality of how the e-commerce section of the Tutorials actually works, here's an example..
(and you get, in my opinion, what I think is a fairly nice instrumental)

75ยข "Emambo"

This is the actual Download Page
that will be used for your song download:


After you download your song, clicking on "Continue" will bring you back to this page

Easy to follow Tutorials!!

Example of a Tutorial section:

To use one of the following images as the background image for your site title Drag and drop one of the following images into your site folder..

Titlebox Pics

Then you would type your title
in the highlighted area!

Your web pages are preformatted..
Plug in your content and upload to the server
using the step by step picture tutorial...

The pages are constructed almost entirely of html which means they load VERY QUICKLY !! You won't lose any customers while they are waiting for a page to load..

in fact,..

"The page loaded as quickly as Google's start page !!"

3 Easy Steps..!

Download The Ready Made Website Pages!

The Ready Made Pages are in One Zipped Folder

(If you are not familiar with unzipping folders,
instruction is given to show you how)

Insert Your Content!

There is also a tutorial to show the entire process of
inserting pictures into your page from your digital camera
and how to play videos and mp3's on your site

Upload Your Pages to the Web!

This is a sample picture from the section at the Tutorial Site,
entitled "Uploading Your Website"

Tutorial Pic

Your zipped download folder will include:

(includes preformatted pages & files for a 20 page website)
(includes index.html page & files for a single page website)
(includes a pre-made Site Under Construction Page")
(a pre-made page to direct people to their download)
(Tutorial Site contains indepth how to's and pictorials)

Clicking the "Buy Now" link below will bring you to PayPal..
This site is protected by:

SiteLock add further security to your transaction.
After the transaction, you will be redirected
to your download and then to the tutorial site:


Or... choose the following option..

Clicking on the following link will bring you to PayPal and
then to the same download as above, but with advertisement embedded on the right side of the website pages:


Here is an example of an ad as it would appear
on the side of your website pages:


There is a link on the Tutorial Site where you may upgrade for $10.00 at any time and download the ad-free site kit


..and there you have it..

The rest is details and info..

I have a hard time with sites where they talk to you for twenty minutes before they ever get to the point about whatever it is they're selling (actually, sometimes they never specifically tell you).. and then you have those sites where you scroll for a minute and a half past pictures of the new home they now have and the new car they were able to purchase because of the income they are now bringing in from the "system" they are offering to you.. Then, if you decide you want to close the window, another window pops up and says,"WAIT!!" .. for a limited time only, you can get our system for a reduced price.. then another window.. "Are you sure you want to leave?!".. Let's see.. do I push "OK" or "Cancel"??..
Yup.. most of us have been there..

Let's back up just a little bit
to explain how this site came to be..

Years ago, I got excited about the idea of having my own website.. a place where I could share things with other people.. a place where I could sell something online if I wanted to and reach a lot of people.. So I purchased a domain name.. I thought that would help motivate me.. Well, the motivation was there, but not the concept of how to actually build a website and get it online.. I downloaded a couple html editors.. I even tried a very popular WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.. but I was just overwhelmed by the whole process.. Basically, I sat on a domain name for about three years without a site..

Then it hit me..

Other people have learned html.. So can I..!!

I started searching for html tutorials and taking notes.. saving codes and scripts.. visiting forums.. finding out what validation was and that some code will work in certain browsers and not others.. and eventually I was able to build my first website and upload it to the server.. What a great feeling it was to see my first site online..!!


I remembered what I went through
before I knew my way around how to build a web page.. and I know what would have really helped me then if I had been able to sit down with someone and ask them questions.. From that understanding, I've put together pre-constructed web pages that are already functional just as they are.. You just need to insert your own information into them so that they are set up with the details you want to make it your own site.. There is even a section in the tutorials that will show different techniques on how to copy and paste that will make it easier whenever you need to copy and paste..
Everything is shown in the step by step detailed instructions and pictorials in the tutorial pages..